Bespoke Furniture questionnaire

I wish money, like furniture-grade timber, did grow on trees! Sadly, we all have budgets to work to and are subjects to the tyranny of financial necessity. In order for me to begin the design process with some direction it is very important for us to establish a ball-park figure to aim for. I can develop and engineer a design to suit a particular budget.

Naturally, I hope you appreciate that there is a direct correlation between the budget and the amount of time I can spend designing, developing and crafting your piece. Ultimately it is the budget that defines what can be achieved. But great things can be achieved at all budgets.
To give a very rough guide on what to expect cost-wise, I design and make custom furniture in simple, elegant styles all the way to extravagant parquetry and creative veneering. The following is not exhaustive, but gives an idea of the starting point:
  • Beds: from $1400
  • Blanket Chests or Linen Chests: from $4,000
  • Chairs (Dining or Lounge): from $2,000
  • Chests of Drawers: from $6,000
  • Coffee Tables: from $3,500
  • Desks: from $5,000
  • Dining Tables Non-extending: from $4,500
  • Dining Tables Extending: from $7,500
  • TV/Media Cabinets: from $4,000
  • Side and Hall/Console Tables: from $2,000
  • Sideboards: from $5,500
Would you like your piece to be an exclusive one-off?
A significant amount of uncosted time goes into designed, obsessing, creating not just the designs but the creation processes for bespoke work. I price all bespoke designs as though they are the first in a limited run of between 10 and 25, which spreads the price impact of this design phase. However, if you would like th epiece to be a truly unique, one-off piece, just for you, you have that option. It does attract a price premium, however.
Lifestyle/Character Let’s start with you. To begin designing for you I like to gather as much information as possible. Please tick the words below that describe you - this really does help with the process immensely:
Look and Feel Please check all the words below that most resonate with your goals for this piece: